The name of this organization is the Yacht Club at West Point and is referred to as the Club. The Club is located at West Point, New York.

The Club is established as a private organization under the provisions of paragraph 2-1a(3), AR 210-1, dated 14 September 1990, and exists on this military installation with the written consent of the Superintendent, USMA. The Club will operate as a self-sustaining private association and will receive no support, assistance, or facilities from the US Army or from non appropriated funds except as provided in AR 210-1. The Club shall be operated by individuals not acting within the scope of their official capacity as officers, employees or agents of the United States Government. The Club is not an instrumentality of the United States Government.

The purpose of the Yacht Club at West Point is to encourage the sport of boating, to promote boating safety and the science of seamanship and navigation, and to provide and maintain a suitable boat anchorage for the recreation and use of its members.

Club Officers and Appointed Positions

Position/e-mail Incumbent
Commodore Patrick Gill
Vice Commodore Paul Bailey
Captain of the Fleet Chris Waugh
Rear Commodore Paul Franco
Quartermaster George LaTourette, Sr.
Secretary-Treasurer Jeanna Hendrickson
Web Captain Bill Miller
The boat line in spring